Embrace Reading Together

Learners of Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools came together to read and find happiness in the process. Reading not only brings our learners joy but also enriches their knowledge and fosters unity. 

By dedicating a small part of a day to reading, we inform and nurture learners to open themselves to a world of information, ideas, and stories, as reading helps them understand different perspectives, cultures, and experiences, which in turn strengthens their social bonds and promotes harmony.

At our school, we make reading a daily habit that can greatly enhance learners’ cognitive skills and mental well-being. It stimulates the brain, improves learners concentration, and reduces stress. It’s a simple yet powerful tool to keep minds sharp and spirits high.

Together, we can cultivate a culture of reading and learning that will benefit our learners from a very young age. 

This Reading Programme is held at school in conjunction with “JOM BACA BERSAMA 10 MINIT “BACA DAN BAHAGIA” “PEMBACAAN MELESTARIKAN PERPADUAN” 2024″, initiated by National Library of Malaysia and the Council of Directors of Public Libraries Malaysia across Malaysia simultaneously. 

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