Welcome to Wesley Methodist School Bandar Seri Coalfields (Private)(WMSBSCP)

WMSBSCP was established in partnership with KLK Land – a developer of Bandar Seri Coalfields, with a capacity of housing 1,000 students for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary education. WMSBSCP opened its door in January 2019 offering the National Curriculum with Dual Language Programme, English being the medium of instruction.

We believe in imparting the highest and noblest of human knowledge to the students. We strive to impart an educational experience beyond academic results, which will not only encourage critical and creative thinking, but instills an appreciation of sciences, arts and culture.

We ensure that ample attention is given to other forms of extra-curricular activities in order to provide a wholesome and non-threatening environment for growth, so that our students will always feel welcomed, secure, and happy.

* applicable to the relevant levels

Our Fundamental Philosophy

Character formation is the hallmark of our school


Impacting Lives and Nation through Methodist Education since 1891

Mission and Core Values

To provide Education with Mission, Excellence and Compassion

We are committed to educating youths and building schools of excellence to nurture successive generations of students who are marked by the fear of God, respect for fellow humans and God’s creation, wholesomeness in emotional and intellectual maturity, and Christian attributes of faith, love and sacrifice.

We strive to provide a conducive environment to enable them to grow into adults who are empowered to live with wisdom and humility, justice and integrity, and courage and selflessness, both as private individuals and as citizens of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.

We aim to infuse in students good character and morale to be global citizens equipped for the 21st century.

Our Core Values

• God-Centredness

• Respect for Life

• Integrity

• Excellence with Humility


A.C.E.: The backbone of our learning approach

Holistic education with A.C.E.

At WMSBSCP, we are committed to building up each child into responsible, purposeful individual and citizen equipped with the aptitudes to succeed and adapt in a rapidly changing world through Methodist Education:

A – Academic excellence with affordability

C – Character building with our core values – God Centredness; Respect for Life; Integrity; Excellence with Humility

E – Extra- curricular achievements, aiming to provide an extensive exposure into arts, science, sports, and team building; also to develop the learners’ leadership skills and to have the responsibilities  for community services